Drinks Maven – Website Build

The Drinks Maven Story

Drinks Maven is a very successful online drinks and hospitality review service that over the years has gained an enormous following on social media.

When Drinks Maven were looking to take the next step to create a fully fledged drinks and hospitality reporting website they approached Click Addicts.

The project flowed smoothly from initial concept and design through to implementation. From start to finish the project was finished in 6 weeks and the results spoke for themselves.



When I first looked into creating my business I spoke to a few people first to see who others used for their online presence. It was important to me that I worked
with someone who understood what I was trying to do and translate that into a slick website.

Niall came highly recommended and rated among others, so I met with him to discuss what his company might be able to do to help design and launch my site.

I have to say, honestly, the entire process has been excellent. After initial assessments into my requirements, Niall gave me a structured approach to what would be delivered on a weekly basis. Working with them has been easy, stress-free and hugely rewarding, because each time we meet we progress further and yet the meetings have the ease of working with a friend who really understands what I have wanted to achieve from the outset.

Niall has taken the time to get to grips with my brand, cleverly interlinking its image with simple functionality, making my site intuitive in both presentation and the way it will be used. He considers style, future-proofing and numerous things that show he’s not just thinking about building something for today, but a
platform that will have credibility and longevity for many years to come.

Also, just as importantly for me, it has never felt like work. Working with Niall has felt more like a project we are working on together to achieve the best results possible. It’s exactly what I wanted because not only am I pleased with the high quality of skill evident in the presentation of the site, I feel more like I am working with a team who cares about the success of my business.

My advice is: If you get the chance to work with Niall take it, and quickly – before someone else snaps them up. You won’t regret it.”