Friar House – SEO, UX and PPC Campaign

The Friar House Story

Friar House is a specialist online and high street antique jewellers based in Battle, England.

After a website redesign in 2017 Friar House noticed a severe drop in their online traffic resulting in a drastic drop in online sales.

After hearing about Click addicts Friar House reached out for an analysis of their current web presence and effective plan to move forward.

By using a simple plan of on-site optimisation, content creation and backlink building Friar House were ranking first page for their key search terms once again.


“If you’re having trouble finding an SEO, expert that actually helps your website to climb up the search engine rankings than look no further than Niall Jones. I liked him as soon as I met him, he is happy to explain, in simple terms not bamboozle you with IT jargon, he is a real Geek, but nothing seems to phase him, he has such a laid back flatline approach to everything he doe. When we first met him we had slipped down the google pages, and within 3 months he had done exactly what he had promised, and managed to get our site back on the 1st page of Google for our typical keywords.
I think he loves a challenge and genuinely wants to help you, and really cares. We have been led up the google garden path, by a few so called ‘SEO’ experts in the past, and wasted so much money, on false promises of getting our site back up the rankings. There is no magic answer and as Niall told us from the beginning, you have to put in the hard work, behind the scenes stuff before you start to see the results, but with Niall to guide you and advise, its achievable. He genuinely cares and enjoys what he does, and I think gets a kick out of seeing the results.
I love the fact he is always on hand to help with any glitches, as with SEO, google is always changing the goal posts with regular algorithm updates it can get very frustrating, but whenever you talk to him, he just has this quiet calm manner, it’s a minefield out there of so called ‘SEO’ experts that come up with all these false promises to get your money !!! All I can say is give Naill a go, he knows his stuff and he is a really nice guy also.”
Victoria Dahms
Friarhouse antique jewellery