Bear Recruitment – SEO & UX Campaign

The Bear Recruitment Story

Bear Recruitment are a well respected architectural recruitment agency based in Brighton.

Prior to working with Click Addicts, Bear Recruitment had relied solely on word on mouth to acquire business.

After gaining an in depth understanding of what Bear Recruitment was trying to achieve Click Addicts were able to develop a detailed UX and SEO strategy. This enabled Bear Recruitment to boost their online presence and user experience in order to increase their of web visibility and online enquiries.


“I met Niall locally when I was wanting someone to add some finishing touches to my website. I have been approached by a few “experts” who only seemed interested in redesigning my website and charging me a fortune for things I didn’t need. Unlike many specialists, Niall was happy to meet locally over a coffee and discuss exactly what I was looking for. I was very happy with the work he done on the site. A few months later I approached Niall again about working on improving my visibility online and through searching. Niall sat me down and got a proper understanding of exactly what I was wanting to achieve and discussed a tailored solution for this. He mapped out a step by step plan giving me full transparency of what was being done and the progress. Niall is great at breaking everything down into every day terms and relating this to exactly what you are wanting to achieve from your business. I have already started to see traffic improve even after a few weeks.


Working full time, I do not have the time to focus on SEO and I have grown to trust Niall very much on his work and vision. It is a great feeling to have an highly experienced, genuine and knowledgeable expert working behind the scenes on my website. I would highly recommend having a chat with Niall if you are wanting to improve your online business.”

Paul Derry


Bear Architectural Recruitment