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“Working with Niall has felt more like a project we are working on together to achieve the best results possible. My advice is: If you get the chance to work with Niall, take it, and quickly – before someone else snaps them up. You
won’t regret it.”

Jessica Maven
Drinks Maven

“Niall has been a pleasure to work with on our employee portal project, irrespective of complexity. He demonstrated determination in challenging circumstances and worked very hard to ensure the team succeeded in delivering a quality
portal. Niall is knowledgeable, calm and efficient and is committed to any task thrown his way. Niall has been a great partner and
team player and I highly recommend him to anyone.”

Julianne Brench
Madison Square Garden

“Working full time, I do not have the time to focus on SEO and I have grown to trust Niall very much on his work and vision. It is a
great feeling to have an highly experienced, genuine and knowledgeable expert working behind the scenes on my website.
I would highly recommend having a chat with Niall if you are wanting to improve your online business.”

Paul Deery
Bear Architectural Recruitment

“If you’re having trouble finding an SEO, expert that actually helps your website to climb up the search engine rankings than look
no further than Niall Jones. I liked him as soon as I met him, he is happy to explain, in simple terms not bamboozle you with IT
jargon. Within 3 months he had our site on the first page of Google.”

Victoria Dahms
Friar House Antique Jewellery